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Cost of Owning a Travel Trailer

Updated 5 November 2017 – This page is about the cost of owning a travel trailer including capital and operating costs by time and distance including TCO and CO/mo. It is also about how far, how hot, how cold …

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Who is RV Bloggins ?

Particularly in the Canadian Army, “Bloggins” is the name of any soldier whose real name you don’t know or can’t remember at the moment. So, the question is, Who is RV Bloggins ?

Then the lights went out

The lights went out just before dinner time. The house was dark, the streets were dark, the houses all around were dark. And I confidently said, it’s a good thing we have the trailer in driveway. We have propane. The furnace was repaired just last week. All the lights are LED. The TV is 12-volt… Read More »

Travel trailer furnace quit again

Three days short of a year, my travel trailer furnace quit again. It quit in December 2014 on a trip from Arizona to British Columbia. The cause then was bad propane – oil in the bottle – complicated by shoddy practices where debris from the manufacturing process had not been removed. The propane regulator and hoses at… Read More »

Winter Weather Window

This is a photo essay of coming home through a winter weather window. The trip began in Ajo AZ and ended in Oliver BC in December 2015. The photos are a sample of what we saw along the way. Day One – all Arizona We headed out of Ajo AZ and up the Joshua Tree Parkway… Read More »

BC to Arizona – Every trip is different

Every one of our four trips from BC to Arizona has been different in usually subtle, seldom serious, but always unpredictable ways. From BC to Arizona in our Avalanche pulling our Timber Ridge again – every trip is different. This time the Avalanche sounded like a helicopter.