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All about the authors – RV Bloggins & Mrs B – and their RV truck and travel trailer.

Why Blog ?

In my opinion, knowing why you are doing something – for example, blogging – comes before the doing. Why blog if you don’t know why you blog?

Cost of Owning a Travel Trailer

Updated 5 November 2017 – This page is about the cost of owning a travel trailer including capital and operating costs by time and distance including TCO and CO/mo. It is also about how far, how hot, how cold …

The Travel Trailer

For 20 years we kept saying, ‘We have to get another travel trailer.’ On 3 June 2013 we purchased a brand-new 2014 model Timber Ridge 250RDS manufactured by Outdoors RV of LaGrande OR.

The Truck to Pull a Travel Trailer

We used to drive a 2005 Blazer but whenever we looked at trailers it just wasn’t enough of a truck to pull a travel trailer with the features we needed … and those we wanted. In early 2011 we found a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche with 50,000 miles on the clock just off a three-year lease… Read More »

Who is Mrs B ?

I am Mrs B and I have a few philosophies about life: You are what you do and never who you believe you are. There is no such thing as Insurance. There is no difference between winning and losing. Here are only a few of my opinions … In the great debate between Religion and… Read More »