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Winter Weather Window

This is a photo essay of coming home through a winter weather window. The trip began in Ajo AZ and ended in Oliver BC in December 2015. The photos are a sample of what we saw along the way. Day One – all Arizona We headed out of Ajo AZ and up the Joshua Tree Parkway… Read More »

BC to Arizona – Every trip is different

Every one of our four trips from BC to Arizona has been different in usually subtle, seldom serious, but always unpredictable ways. From BC to Arizona in our Avalanche pulling our Timber Ridge again – every trip is different. This time the Avalanche sounded like a helicopter.

Travel Trailer up Steep Climbs on a Hot Day

You know what Labrador dogs are like: loyal, playful, resourceful. This Lab came over to me and said, ‘My pack has a problem. The truck is broken. We have no where to park the trailer. We can’t run the a/c and it is really hot. And I am really worried about my ferret.’ So I said, ‘Of course I will pull your trailer to your home.’

Winter RV Travel … again

I do not take winter RV travel lightly. I start looking at the weather forecast two weeks out – I want to see the trends as much as I want to see the forecast. Hitting the weather window as planned does not guarantee that there will not be other problems.