Cost of Owning a Travel Trailer

By | 1 March 2014

The Cost of Owning a Travel Trailer

This page is about the cost of owning a travel trailer and also about where we have been, how hot, how cold, and how far.

We purchased a new truck in late April 2016. I finally got around to posting about the new truck to pull this trailer.

Updated: 5 November 2017 to the end of October 2017

Average cost per mile, FFA when traveling with the trailer?           $      0.95

Average cost per day, FFA when traveling with the trailer?              $   91.17

FFA = food, fuel, accommodations


This average is calculated on more than 19,000 miles and 190 days over three years.

These numbers become more stable the more we travel with the trailer because the costs are attributable just to those times when we travel. It helps me to budget for a trip.

Capital cost per mile (trailer plus improvements)                               $        2.38

Capital cost per month (trailer plus improvements)                           $   862.00

We paid cash for the trailer and the improvements. These numbers will drop significantly the more miles we put on the trailer and the longer we own it. It helps me to understand the capital cost of owning a trailer.

Maintenance cost per mile (trailer)                                                         $    0.21

Maintenance cost per month (trailer)                                                     $   76.00

These numbers should vary a great deal – increasing with big maintenance items – decreasing with more mileage. It helps me to understand the operating cost of owning a trailer.

Total cost per person night                                                                        $ 24.10

Take all of the costs (capital & operating cost but not food) and divide that by the number of person nights actually slept in the trailer. A person night is one person for one night. Two people sleeping in the trailer for one night is two person nights. There has never been more than two people sleeping overnight in our trailer. Compare this cost to the cost of a motel/hotel room. I expect this number will decrease slowly.

TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

TCO                                           $ 39,413

CO/mo                                      $      744

Take all the (actual) money put into the trailer then subtract the current market value (estimate) to get the TCO if the trailer was sold today. Divide TCO by months of ownership to obtain CO (Cost of Ownership) per month. The actual costs will increase over time and the market value will decrease over time. It will be interesting to see which has the greater effect on the TCO. The CO/mo should decrease over time. We’ll see.

Where – How Hot – How Cold?


Where are we? Canadian ProvincesWhere are we? US states

Farthest North with the Trailer?                                                          54.22 N

Farthest South with the Trailer?                                                          31.88 N

How far with the trailer since June 2013?                                         19,213 mi

Average distance with the trailer per month since June 2013?         377 mi

This is a calculated average. It actually reflects that when we travel, we rack up a lot of miles. It hides the months when we go nowhere. But it does help me to understand usage and asset life.

Hottest day while staying in the Trailer?

Oliver BC  mid-Aug 2014                                                              111 F      44 C

Coldest night while sleeping in the Trailer?

Jackpot NV  12 Nov 2014                                                             –  8 F    – 22 C

Where are we Today?

We are at home in Oliver British Columbia until Spring.

 Where are we Going Next?

Not North. Maybe South. Probably East.

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