K&N FIPK Performance while Pulling a Travel Trailer

In our Chevrolet Avalanche with LC9 5.3 litre pulling an Outdoors RV Manufacturing Timber Ridge at a combined weight of just under 14,000 pounds we have pulled the 1650 miles from Oliver BC to Ajo AZ with and without the K&N FIPK. The K&N FIPK performance while pulling a travel trailer is worth writing about.

RV Trailer Servicing Surprises

Updated 19 Nov 2014 – Three RV trailer servicing surprises in one week on my Timber Ridge have made me wonder about the pennies saved at the factory that have cost me dollars down the road. I still like my 2014 Outdoors RV Manufacturing Timber Ridge 250 RDS travel trailer, BUT this past week has been a bad week …

Curt TriFlex Proportional Brake Controller : updated review

Updated 18 Nov 2014 – I have been looking for better braking for my truck and trailer – not that I use the brakes that often – but I want them to be there when I really need them. I have installed a Curt TriFlex Proportional Brake Controller in place of my very reliable and very capable Curt time-based controller and I am very pleased with the result

Coffee to Go

Our coffee to go problem is defined by our differing criteria – primarily decaf versus hi-test but also quick and easy anytime. In our trailer we have only two energy sources – propane and shore power – capable of making the coffee that we like. Yes, if we were willing to drink instant coffee we could probably find a 12-volt solution. What to do?