Foreign Object in the RV Black Tank

I call this the foreign object in the RV black tank situation. Sooner or later, something that should not be found in the black tank will be found there. I did not know this. I had read about it, but I had not experienced it until last week. You may think this is a particularly long and detailed post, but… Read More »

RV Black Water Tank Flushing : observations & data

Despite the observation that almost all RVers (SWAG 96%) talk about RV black water tank flushing, and despite the observation that most RVers (SWAG 80%) think about RV black water tank flushing, I have not been able to find much evidence that more than a few RVers actually make observations, take measurements, and collect data about black tank flushing.

Annual Trailer Inspection

Our trailer is one week shy of being a year old. I took it to the dealer for a check-up. I wanted to establish an annual trailer inspection routine. I had prepared a list of deficiencies, a list of inspection items, and I had arranged for the installation of a slide topper. This was to be the first Annual Trailer Inspection.

RV Air Admittance Valve

It is quite likely that your RV is equipped with an air admittance valve. The AAV acts like a vent stack in your plumbing to provide “air after water” to allow efficient draining and to prevent siphoning of your p-trap. I was plagued with a recurring grey water odor in the cabinet under the kitchen sink of our trailer and it took me a long time to track down the culprit. It was a failed RV Air Admittance Valve (AAV).