Style Decisions

Before publishing text, one must make several style decisions.

For example:

US English or Canadian English spelling?  Contractions?  Idioms?  Imperial or metric units?  Use of punctuation – particularly periods in abbreviations and commas in strings?  Spaces between sentences – one or two?  Hyphenation?  Justification?  Possessives?  Dangling participles?  Person?

I am Canadian trained but worked with UK, European, and Australian allies while in the military and many years in the USA.  I was once engaged to translate for delegations from the US and Canada – two nations otherwise separated by a common language.  I have used Imperial, metric, and SI terminologies.  I have written books in Commonwealth, Canadian, and US English.  As a teenager I took formal training on a manual typewriter and have carried conventions learned then into my use of the computer keyboard.  My imperfect French has influenced my English grammar, particularly in the order of words.  In many ways, my style is archaic.  It ain’t gonna change.

I suppose I could have a site where the reader could choose from among regional versions.  Unlikely.

Therefore, on this site, I will follow these style decisions: 

Use Canadian English spellings (not UK), contractions, idioms, Imperial units, no periods in abbreviations, commas in strings, double-tap spacing, hyphenated spellings of compound words, and double-justified text.  I strongly object to inanimate possessives, I would be embarrassed by a dangling participle, and we deem first-person singular or plural identical.