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Travel Trailer up Steep Climbs on a Hot Day

You know what Labrador dogs are like: loyal, playful, resourceful. This Lab came over to me and said, ‘My pack has a problem. The truck is broken. We have no where to park the trailer. We can’t run the a/c and it is really hot. And I am really worried about my ferret.’ So I said, ‘Of course I will pull your trailer to your home.’

K&N FIPK Performance while Pulling a Travel Trailer

In our Chevrolet Avalanche with LC9 5.3 litre pulling an Outdoors RV Manufacturing Timber Ridge at a combined weight of just under 14,000 pounds we have pulled the 1650 miles from Oliver BC to Ajo AZ with and without the K&N FIPK. The K&N FIPK performance while pulling a travel trailer is worth writing about.

Curt TriFlex Proportional Brake Controller : updated review

Updated 18 Nov 2014 – I have been looking for better braking for my truck and trailer – not that I use the brakes that often – but I want them to be there when I really need them. I have installed a Curt TriFlex Proportional Brake Controller in place of my very reliable and very capable Curt time-based controller and I am very pleased with the result