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Parking a Travel Trailer

Someone reading this post is saying that there isn’t enough detail. We disagree. Here’s why: 1) the truck and trailer always behave in the same way when you move the steering wheel in the same way, and 2) the only thing that changes each time you park your trailer is the site.

In the Beginning

We met at fourteen years of age.  Since then Bloggins has said (fill in anything at all) and I have replied with what I regarded as absolutely obvious. Each and every time, Bloggins looks flummoxed, perplexed, confused, and in some cases indignant but never has he appeared to have understood.  Well, so much for communication. … Read More »

Our First Time Going Away

  A long time ago I lived and worked in Burns Lake. About half that long ago, we vacationed in a cabin on Tchesinkut Lake. Now, with good memories of that vacation and with trailer in tow, we were going camping. After all, you don’t invest in an RV to have it sit in the… Read More »