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Then the lights went out

The lights went out just before dinner time. The house was dark, the streets were dark, the houses all around were dark. And I confidently said, it’s a good thing we have the trailer in driveway. We have propane. The furnace was repaired just last week. All the lights are LED. The TV is 12-volt… Read More »

Travel trailer furnace quit again

Three days short of a year, my travel trailer furnace quit again. It quit in December 2014 on a trip from Arizona to British Columbia. The cause then was bad propane – oil in the bottle – complicated by shoddy practices where debris from the manufacturing process had not been removed. The propane regulator and hoses at… Read More »

Annual Trailer Inspection

Our trailer is one week shy of being a year old. I took it to the dealer for a check-up. I wanted to establish an annual trailer inspection routine. I had prepared a list of deficiencies, a list of inspection items, and I had arranged for the installation of a slide topper. This was to be the first Annual Trailer Inspection.