Who is Mrs B ?

By | 1 March 2014

I am Mrs B and I have a few philosophies about life:

  1. You are what you do and never who you believe you are.
  2. There is no such thing as Insurance.
  3. There is no difference between winning and losing.

Here are only a few of my opinions …

In the great debate between Religion and Secularism the only thing that should be banned is proselytizing by anyone, and if in doubt see #1 above.

If a tree falls on your RV and you did not hear it or a wee earthquake shakes your home and you did not feel it, see # 2 above.

If you ever require a lawyer, see # 3 above.

… and here are some things I have done in my lifetime:

  • I had the wisdom to marry someone I have never understood but who is morally straight as an arrow, always on time, always phones, always is polite, always solves the problem at hand, has a really really high IQ, and believes that I am smarter than him.
  • I gave birth to two children without any anesthetic.
  • At 31 years of age I went down into the basement and, with zero previous experience, built a coffee table and two end tables that are still in use in our 43-year-old daughter’s living room.  Unrelated to this, but a fact nevertheless, is that a lot of the stuff we acquired over the years is packed floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall, in our son’s two-car garage.  We don’t seem to need any of it.
  • My idea of recreation is reading about diatoms on the Internet.
  • I conquered my distaste, dislike, horror, and resistance to technology by buying a Kindle and then fell in love with it to the point where I acquired a second one just in case the first one got run over by a truck.  Now I lust for a third one so we can boondock longer.
  • The older I get – the older I get.  Objecting got me nowhere so I substituted with a nap every afternoon.
  • It took me only seven months to learn how to inject insulin in five seconds that started out at 45 minutes of whining and crying.  This, I believe, is the second greatest accomplishment of my life after raising our two children to what they are today – which is about perfect.