Who is RV Bloggins ?

By | 1 March 2014


Particularly in the Canadian Army, “Bloggins” is the name of any soldier whose real name you don’t know or can’t remember at the moment.  It is also used to refer to any and all: ‘… any trained Bloggins could do that …’  So, the question is, Who is RV Bloggins ?


RV Bloggins is a retired soldier …

who is rv bloggins 1who is rv bloggins 2rv bloggins 3

rv bloggins 4

rv bloggins 5

who is rv bloggins 6

who is rv bloggins 7rv bloggins 8

rv bloggins 9rv bloggins 10







… who set out with Mrs B

mrs b

… from their home


… with Truck and Trailer

rv bloggins rig

… to hunt the wily cacti …

rv bloggins 11

… and the elusive roadrunner …


… and participate in the local customs …

rv bloggins 14